Blender 2.8+ Fluent : Materializer v1.3.2 2023 Download

Blender 2.8+ Fluent Materializer v1.3.2 2023 Download

Free updates
More than 110 nodes ready to be combined to make thousand of materials
Actively developed for inovation and follow Blender updates
Unique decal system

Previous updates

Make & bake awesome custom materials using a polished procedural workflow that was designed for actual artists.
Tell your model’s epic story as you apply edge wear, grime, chipped paint, mud, scratches, and more!

Fluent : Materializer gives you easy-to-use, infinite possibilities at the tips of your ambitious nerdfingers.
Stay inside Blender as you create or improve any material, right up to the end, no UVs required. Materialize your vision!

A tool suite to make your own procedural materials
The spirit of Materializer :

A complete and consistent workflow, no premade materials.
A global method, no one shot tips.
Allow everyone to raise their level.
A pie menu for a fast node tree building
Addition and auto-connection of layers, mix layers and edge/cavity masks.

A library of procedural effects
The nodes are designed to be easily combined together.


Smudges, scratches, impacts, fingerprints, dried water drops, dust…


Various grunge and gradient grunge styles.


Brushed, radial brushed, hammered, gold, copper, platinium…


Herringbone, diamond plate, diamond tile, grids (circles, rings, hexagons, triangle)…


Knitted, polyester, leather, wrinkles…


Drops, stains, drips…


Asphalt, puddles, road lines…


Wood 1, Wood 2, cr*

cked wood paint…


Pixelate image, screen shader, hologram…

Procedural decals

35 parametric and modular decals. No image, no memory usage, no resolution limit.

And more…
Plastic grain, cr*cked paint, paint details, glass shader…

Materializer allows you to add decals and be able to interact with your material. A unique way to work with decals in Blender.

Local mask
The mask follows the empty. Be able to add details where you want, without painting, without UV.

Procedural painted mask
With this feature, paint with procedural brush. Of course, the model have to be unwrapped.

Bake functions to export your work
Export in 1 click your creations with a resolution from 1k to 8k.
High to low poly baking.

Bake these maps:

Normal (OpenGL and DirectX)
For game asset makers : metallic, roughness and AO can be automatically merge in only one map (RGB trick)

Improve any material
Extremely versatile, Materializer is not a closed tool that only works with itself! It integrates with your existing materials to add all the details you need.

Download Link:

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