Digital Painting Basics in Adobe Photoshop Course Free Download


Published 8/2023
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Create beautiful still-lifes, landscapes and concept art in Photoshop

What you’ll learn
Digital painting in Adobe Photoshop
Lighting and materials technics
Perspective and composition basics


Wacom tablet or equivalent
Adobe Photoshop software
Any drawing skills will be helpful


In the class we will learn basics technics for digital painting in Photoshop. Class will be helpful for beginner designers and hobbyists, it is also good starting point for beginner concept artist. We will study lighting and shadow concepts, get acquainted with material rendering technics , learn perspective and composition basics. During the course students will paint different subjects as their homework, and will be ready for our big final project – fantastic environment painting. Full course will be 8 lessons long, and you can take it on your own pace. Every lesson has step-by-step guides, recorded demonstrations, or good theory concepts with samples from famous master painters. There are mandatory home works and recommendations how to do it well in the end of every week, also there are some drawing exercises for beginners .


Section 1: Introduction to Photoshop

Lecture 1 Course Intro

Lecture 2 Early bird proposition and Curriculum

Lecture 3 Interface and Brush

Lecture 4 Layers, Marquee, Gradient

Lecture 5 Lasso and Recap

Lecture 6 Demo 1.1

Lecture 7 Demo 1.2

Section 2: Value and Composition

Lecture 8 Intro to Values

Lecture 9 Basic rules

Lecture 10 Composition patterns

Lecture 11 Demo 2.1

Lecture 12 Demo 2.2

Lecture 13 Demo 2.3

Section 3: Lighting and Shadows

Lecture 14 Lighting theory

Lecture 15 Lighting scenarios

Lecture 16 Basic forms and shadows

Lecture 17 Advanced shadows

Lecture 18 Advanced forms 1 – Jug

Lecture 19 Advanced forms 2 – Bridge

Lecture 20 Additional brushes

Beginner digital artists and designers learning digital painting and concept art in Photoshop, Hobbyists liking to create beautiful still-lifes and landscapes digitally