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Last updated 12/2022
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Simple Illustrations

What you’ll learn
Create stunning flat arts
Use simple shapes
Illustrate using few tools to achieve complex flat arts
Create simple but interesting illustrations seamlessly

Table of Contents


A laptop
Adobe illustrator


We’ll use geometric shapes like rectangles, circles, polygons, and stars along with some traditional but user-friendly techniques and tools in Adobe Illustrator CC to create magnificent but straightforward graphics that you’ll adore. The tools of Adobe Illustrator will become much more familiar to you as you progress through this course from the fundamentals.

While having fun, we will go over how to create your final illustrations as well as some mistakes and how to correct them.
This course is for you if you are passionate about intuitive illustration-creative processes and flat arts employing geometric forms. The training will assist you in dissecting common objects into their most fundamental shapes and forms.

Since the majority of this illustration software has some similar or basic tools integrated in it, the concepts you learn from each of the course modules can help you feel comfortable generating illustrations while you’re transferring or using different illustration software.
Although we will walk you through some steps, the training assumes you already have Illustrator installed.
We hope you enjoy every difficulty as we embark on this lengthy trip.
Welcome to an exciting course where we make good use of our affection, cognition and psychomotor.
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