FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Tool Free Download

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery tool can help you repair any iOS system-related issues. It can be especially useful when your iPhone becomes frozen during a system update or becomes stuck in boot loop, recovery mode, or apple logo.  It is one of the best things about employing the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is it can assist you to safely fix the iPhone device without eradicating your data.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Tool

Sometimes you will want to enter recovery mode of the phone to fix an issue but you cannot if the phone is stuck. FoneGeek iOS System Recovery can help you to enter the recovery mode easily.

You can also utilize the tool to downgrade the iOS version of your phone. And that can be done without jailbreaking the device. There are two modes in the tool, the standard mode enables you to fix the regular issues where the Advanced mode can fix the complex problems.

Straightforward to Use

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is designed with the user in mind. As a result, it is very straightforward to use, and many users can utilize it without requiring a manual. Even if you need it, the instructions and processes are pretty simple and easy to follow. Moreover, you will find on-screen directions while performing the operations in the tool. Anyone with the minimal technical ability can utilize the tool at its fullest.

Standard Mode

The Standard mode resolves the majority of problems. Let’s have a look at how to use this mode to fix an iPhone with a black screen.

Most of the problems of your iOS can be solved easily using the Standard Mode. Let’s see how to utilize this mode to solve the iPhone’s black screen problem:

Step 1: Download and install the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery for your Windows/Mac PC. Then launch the program and choose ‘Standard Mode’.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Tool Free Download

Step 2: Now connect your iPhone to the PC by making use of an Apple USB cable and pressing “Next”. If your iPhone is running on iOS 12 or later, make sure to unlock the screen and then press “Next” in the FoneGeek’s interface.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Tool Full Version

Step 3: Now get the appropriate firmware version for your device by pressing “Download”. The app will automatically verify the firmware and then install it.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Tool Latest Version Download

Step 4: Check the firmware details shown on the app screen properly and then press “Fix Now”. Now FoneGeek app should begin repairing the device automatically. It may take a few minutes and when it is done, your iPhone should start automatically.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Tool 2022 Download

Advanced Mode

Failed to solve the problem utilizing the Standard Mode? Well, don’t worry, the Advanced Mode got your back. It is highly powerful but has more chances of deleting data from your iPhone and it has less fail-safes. So, consider this method only as your last resort.

As we said earlier, sometimes it becomes impossible to enter recovery mode because of a hardware issue in the phone. Such as, the home button of your iPhone can be broken, and it can stop you from opening the DFU/Recovery mode. The FoneGeek iOS Recovery tool enables you to enter the DFU/recovery mode very easily.

Step 1: Launch the FoneGeek iOS Recovery app and connect your iPhone by using an Apple USB cable to the PC. Now press “Enter/Exit Recovery Mode” from the home screen and then press “Next”.

Once after doing that, you should put your iPhone into recovery mode. Here is what to do to get out of the Recovery Mode:

Step 2: Connect the iPhone with a PC using a USB like earlier. Then press the “Enter/Exit Recovery Mode” on the first screen and select “Next”. That’s it; you are done.


  • The FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is a powerful and versatile tool, and it can solve most of the iOS system issues.
  • You can safely solve most of the iOS system issues without data loss using Standard Mode.
  • You can also solve the iTunes error that happens while trying to restore your iPhone/iPad.
  • Let you downgrade the iOS version without iTunes or jailbreaking the iPhone.
  • Use advanced technology to fix issues faster on the iPhone with a few clicks.
  • Arrives with a straightforward interface and is very easy to utilize; don’t require any tech skills.


  • The tool comes with limited features in the trial You need to purchase it to fix most of the problems.
  • Using the Advanced Mode comes with high risk of data loss.


The basic package of FoneGeek iOS System Recovery will cost you $23.95 and it’s for 5 devices. You can also purchase the 1 year plan at $33.95, which is perfect for the devices that are prone to problems.

They also offer a lifetime license which costs $45.95 and is available for 5 devices.


They offer one to one technical support and support can be obtained through phone, email, and their site. Their response time is very impressive.

They also have a dedicated FAQ page where they answer the technical questions that also include the solved queries of previous customers.


  • Available for all iOS devices and versions from iPhone 6 to the latest.

Is FoneGeek iOS System Recovery safe?

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery tool seems safe to employ and doesn’t arrive with any viruses, malware, trojans, or adware. Most of the time it should be able to repair your device pretty quick without data loss. However, be aware while using the Advanced Mode which has a higher risk of data loss.


The FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is a straightforward and user-friendly iOS recovery tool that can solve most of the system issues of your iPhone. It comes at a considerably low cost and enables you to get your iPhone or iPad back to the working state within a few minutes.