Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Free 32/64 bit ISO Free Download

After the success of Windows 7, Microsoft released Windows 8.0 with better performance and a new User Interface. This free download is the official release of Microsoft Windows 8.0 32/64-bit ISO file. The latest full version of Microsoft Windows is Windows 10.

Review of Microsoft Windows 8.0

Microsoft Windows 8.0 is a stable release from Microsoft with more enhanced security features and a completely new user-friendly interface. Windows 8.0 has a new search feature for more quick and advanced searching. It is already loaded with many new features like disk security and encryption and the best performance for Windows users. A faster boot feature is included which loads up the operating system within seconds. This Operating System has a two-way user authentication i.e. PIN-based and password verification to log into the Windows.

Microsoft Windows 8.0 desktop screen

Windows 8.0 is an intelligent operating system which updates itself time to time and removes the unwanted update files to keep the system efficiently working. A battery optimization feature is also included by making the operating system weigh less and runs the applications smoothly. It is a completely responsive operating system which can run on any device. With full support for touch devices, Microsoft Windows 8.0 can run on touch screen devices as well as simple desktop systems with traditional display screens.

Microsoft Windows 8.0 Start menu

It has also a new tile-based start menu for better performance and easily understandable user interface. You can access Microsoft App store for any type of applications. Many built-in apps like Weather and reporting are also included in this release of Microsoft Windows.

Features of Microsoft Windows 8.0

Microsoft Windows 8.0 is a fully loaded operating system with better performance. Some of the features of Windows 8 are

  • Stable release
  • Support devices with Touch Screens
  • Reliable firewall and improved windows defender
  • Enhanced search features
  • XBox Music
  • Improved user authentication
  • Tile-based start menu with swipe feature
  • Enhanced security features
  • User-friendly
  • Improved updating feature

System Requirements for Microsoft Windows 8.0

Make sure that your system meets the given requirements before you download and install Windows 8.0

  • RAM (Installed Memory): Minimum 1GB
  • CPU (Processor): Intel Pentium 4 or above
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 16GB for 32bit and 20GB for 64bit installation

Free Download Microsoft Windows 8.0 32/64-bit ISO

Click the below links to download ISO image files of Microsoft Window 8.0 as 32-bit or 64-bit version.

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