Blender 2.8+ Baga Ivy Generator v2.0.1 2023 Free Download

Blender 2.8+ Baga Ivy Generator v2.0.1 2023 Free Download

Master Ivy Creation in Blender
From quick sketches to meticulous details,
all backed by our rich library of presets and assets.

3 Ivy Generators
For versatile needs, the addon includes three generators: Precision – letting you design ivy branch by branch; Accurate – generating ivy tailored to the surface with a complex and realistic branch network; and Fast – for creating expansive ivy areas with top-notch performance.

Embrace Speed !
FAST Generator : Perfect for background scenes or covering large areas, this generator focuses on performance and can create a vast amount of ivy.

Aim for Accuracy !
ACCURATE Generator : The ivy spreads and adapts to the surface, automatically generating a realistic network of branches.

Or be Precise !
PRECISION Generator : Draw branch by branch

Explore them all !
Quickly switch between species in 1 click !

How it works ?
Select a preset > select a target > DRAW !
It’s fully integrated into the asset browser, you can also use your own assets.
Each preset has its own settings to generate the species in the most accurate way.

Complete library !
Our library contains over 300 assets and 70 preset species.
Each preset has its own settings, which allows the generator to be as accurate as possible.

Optimized for EEVEE & Cycles

Built with quad topology for seamless subdivision.
Minimal alpha for efficient rendering,
True-to-life species representation,
Fully compatible with both EEVEE & Cycles,
Assets’s materials are also compatible with BagaPie “Node To Panel”.

Breathe Life into Your Ivy !
Seamless loopable animations and intuitive wind control at your fingertips. Our generator delivers dynamic ivy right out of the box.

Tip: For optimal results with custom assets, ensure their transforms point to +Y. If not, we’ve got you covered with a built-in option.

Full Control
Versatile Generation: A few tweaks unleash a vast range of ivy and vine designs.
Dynamic Foliage: Intuitive controls for both leaves and flowers.
Parametric Power: Built on Geometry Nodes for non-destructive modeling prowess.
Effectors : Delete leaves or branches by proxymity with other objects.
Use any assets: Integrate assets from the Asset Browser or your scene seamlessly.
Convert to Mesh : Ready to finalize ? Convert your intricate design to mesh with ease.

Ivy Optimization
Proxy System: Manage ivy efficiently with our proxy feature.
Bounding Boxes: Automatically generated for leaves and flowers.
Accurate Mode : Set different resolution between viewport and render.

Proxy in Accurate Mode

Easily Customizable Material
Easily modify materials to adjust for seasons or randomize brightness, hue, saturation, and more. By default, branches utilize our user-friendly procedural bark material. UVs are procedurally generated to facilitate the use of your own materials.


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