Blender 2.8+ Save Selection v2.0 2023 Update Free Download

Blender 2.8+ Save Selection v2.0 2023 Update Free Download

Save Selection is a Blender addon enabling users to save the current selection of objects/faces/edges/vertices and restore it later.

How to use

Buttons Save Selection and Restore Selection are located at the bottom of the Object Context Menu (shortcut: Right Mouse Button) in object and edit mode.

You can see your stored selections under Scene Properties in Save Selection tab.

+ Stores current selection
– Removes chosen selection
Restore Brings back the chosen selection
Edit Overwrites chosen selection

Your selection mode will be automaticly detected and stored. When restoring selection the selection mode will be restored along with stored geometry elements.

Download the latest addon release
Open Blender
Go to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons
Click Install…
Locate the downloaded .zip file and double click on it
Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed the addon!


Download Link:

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