CAINE Linux Free Download

CAINE Linux is an open-source Computer Aided Investigative Environment based on Ubuntu specifically designed for Forensics testing. This free download is a standalone ISO image of CAINE Live OS Disk.

CAINE Linux Review

Forensics operations always require a dedicated environment which is more secure and much efficient. CAINE Linux is a dedicated environment for forensics operations which is freely distributed as GNU/Linux Live Hybrid DVD with Long Term Support. It can work as a standalone OS or you can create a portable Live Disk from it by writing it to DVD or USB storage of more than 4 GB space so that you can boot it from BIOS. Live Environment starts with normal configurations in safe mode after Memory Diagnostic test. Other advanced options are provided which i.e. Extra Kernel Parameters and Language.

CAINE Linux Review

Xfce Desktop environment is provided a very neat, clean, and friendly environment which makes it lightweight. You can easily get started with this environment if you are a Windows user as it comes up with the traditional layout very similar to Windows. Menu, task manager, launcher, and tray etc are in the bottom panel for easy access. A variety of tools is injected into this release for forensics operations including Mobius, Autopsy, Remote File System Mounter and many others.

Features of CAINE Linux

CAINE consists of many advanced features which include

  • Lightweight and user-friendly interface
  • Xfce Desktop Environment
  • Open-source and portable
  • Designed for forensics operations
  • Add extra kernel parameters
  • Multilingual OS
  • Secure and efficient
  • Bottom panel with task manager, menu, tray and other widgets
  • Different Forensics tools included in this pack are:
    • QuickHash
    • TestDisk
    • XDview
    • FMount
    • NBTempo
    • PhotoRec
    • Mobius
    • Fred
    • Log2Timeline
    • TKDiff
    • Remote File System Mounter
    • XHFS
  • Many other advanced features and options

System Requirements for CAINE Linux

Before you download CAINE, make sure that your system meets the given requirements

  • Free Disk Space: More than 4 GB for installation
  • Installed Memory: 1 GB of RAM required
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later

CAINE Linux Free Download

Click the below link to download the standalone ISO Live DVD image of CAINE Linux for x64 architecture. It is a very powerful and reliable Linux release for forensics operations.

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John Hembrom
John Hembrom
6 years ago

You are doing good job, it could better if you please upload server linux like Cent os..

6 years ago
Reply to  John Hembrom

@@johnhembrom:disqus Here you go!