Octopus 3.5 for 3ds Max 2018-2024 Free Download

Download Octopus 3.5 for 3ds Max 2018-2024 latest full version offline complete setup for Windows. Octopus gives you a lot of features! Since it is not only a circular menu but also a scriptable framework, you have a lot of possibilities to create your own menus and distribute them easily.

Octopus 3.5 for 3ds Max 2018-2024 Review

Also using the settings panel you can set the global behavior of Octopus. Here you can define the delay between Single Action and Rotary action modes. You can set the Octopus Flash delay time, which determines the threshold for repeating an action you have previously performed. Customization not only means the operation of the buttons but also the look and feel.

Octopus 3.5 for 3ds Max Free Download

Here you can decide if you want to use Octopus by holding and releasing or you just want to press the hotkey and start Octopus. If that’s not enough, you can enable or disable animation, you can set background and border color, shadow/lighting and text color. Also, the length of the animation and you can also define the entire mouse effect highlighted on your buttons.


  • Octopus Manager is the main settings panel of your Octopus menu system. You can access and customize every part of Octopus from here. Command Editor, Octopus Settings and Action Browser. All menus help you create unique presets that you can use to make your work easier than before.
  • This is where all the magic happens! Everything you can do with Octopus comes from this place. This is where you can tell Octopus, how and what to do. Of course Octopus speaks the same language as 3dsmax. So if you want to interface with Octopus, you just need to know a few things about maxscript. In most cases, just a few words are enough… To understand a little more, check out all the menus available, for reference!
  • There are a few things that you can define, such as Auto Scene Redraw, mouse movement sensitivity, default value, rotation range and
    Preview/Hover mode simplifies single actions even more, as you don’t even need to click your buttons, just move the pointer over your buttons.
  • The action browser is the home of all the single actions available that Octopus understands. All of these actions can be found inside 3dsmax’s Hotkey Editor. Almost all the actions that you can find here, can also be used by Octopus. Simply drag and drop the action onto the Command Editor or on the Button itself.
  • Installing Octopus is the main dashboard of all that Octopus can do. Here you can set up the look and feel of your Octopus menu, and it’s also where you can tell Octopus how to behave. This is where you can enable or disable Hold and Release, or you can set up Last Repeat, called Octopus Flash.
  • Chronos is an experimental Macro Recording system that can be useful when you have to perform repetitive tasks. The entire Chronos system contains reusable codes that you can distribute among other Octopus users. The main advantage of the system is that it contains the necessary code and their logged parameter values in case if you want to repeat a certain action later

Technical Details

  • Software Name: Octopus 3.5
  • Software File Name: Octopus 3.5 for 3ds Max 2018-2024.rar
  • Software Version: 3.5
  • File Size: 6 MB
  • Developers: RapidMXS

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10,11
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB
  • Installed Memory: 512 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later

Octopus 3.5 for 3ds Max 2018-2024 Free Download

Download Octopus 3.5 for 3ds Max 2018-2024 free latest full version offline direct download link full offline setup by clicking the below button.